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Sue Roseberry (a.k.a. “Mama Sue”)  is a consummate artist and her gifts are truly inspiring and illuminating.  She is recognized for her artistic ability and imaginative style.  A graduate of the College of Santa Fe, she has a B.F.A. degree in performing arts.  There seems to be no end to the talents that she possesses and those fortunate enough to hear her come away with a joyful heart and the feeling that they have been present for something beyond entertainment – it’s an experience.


This proud, energetic mother and grandmother exploded on the international scene in 2011 as one of the Top 5 Finalists on Season 4 of Sunday Best – a national gospel singing competition on B.E.T. Network.  The world has come to know and love “Mama Sue” and appreciate her sweet, humble character and that special essence that she possesses to command attention and inspire both young and old alike.  A fan favorite, she was voted back on Season 8 as a Sunday Best All Star with nine other contestants.    While she didn’t win either of the seasons she participated in, she says, “I didn’t win, but I WON.  That platform provided so many opportunities for me to learn from the best and share my love for Jesus.  I have had a chance to witness to and encourage so many who have gravitated to what I believe is Christ’s love in me and all day any day that is winning in my opinion.”


Winning for Sue started with her earliest memory of singing standing on top of a table in her local church - to connecting with audiences all across the country as a singer, songwriter, playwright, storyteller or delivering the spoken word.   She’s been playing for and directing choirs since the age of 10 years old.  Her voice is incomparable and inimitable.  


She was a “church girl” and grew up loving whatever was associated with ministry in her home church, Metropolitan Temple COGIC in Albuquerque, NM under the leadership of Bishop W. C. Griffin and First Lady Freddie L. Griffin.  She accepted the call of God on her life as a Missionary when she was only 11 years old which later led to her being a very young church mother during her college years in Santa Fe, NM.  She helped to establish a mission there.  In 1981 she relocated to Midland, Texas and served in ministry at the Faith Temple COGIC under the leadership of Rev. W. C. Kenan.  


“So many things interest me…and the chance to create anything helps us to emulate the one who created us.”


In 2001, she started “Tell It…Storytelling by Sue Roseberry” and has gone on to perform at the Exchange Place during the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee and other Storytelling Festivals throughout the country.  Her gift for sharing stories was recorded in a storytelling CD entitled “A Story Inside Of Me”.  As President of the Board of Directors for the Midland Storytelling Festival, she continues to write and share stories while mentoring young tellers in her community through that annual event.  Sue is also a member of NABS.


Sue has written more than 200 musical pieces, which range from gospel songs to children’s songs.  Her compositions have been recorded by the Men of Promise on the GMWA Tampa Experience CD, Trinity, Texas Mass Choir and the COGIC Mass Choir.  Presentations of some of her original songs at the National GMWA Conventions have led to her music being performed in Spain, Japan and all over the United States.  She has recorded live with the COGIC National Choir as well as the Gospel Music Workshop of America Mass Choir.  


In 2004 she released her initial recording “Words Just Cannot Explain”.  Her sophomore recording released in 2013 “Magnificent God” paired her songwriting with the production expertise of David Blakely.  It was recorded live at the GMWA Board Meeting in Dallas, Texas. 


“I owe so much to the GMWA organization.  They supported and nurtured the gift that I have for songwriting.  The collaboration of people associated with music from start to finish is invaluable and I am forever indebted to them for what I have gained.”


Sue has written a number of plays utilized in the Apollo Showcase, a community theatre workshop for children ages 5 to 12 years of age as well as an ensemble work entitled, “Black Women Past & Present” which focused on the life of the late Dr. Viola Coleman, the first Black physician in Midland, Texas.  She has appeared on stage with celebrity artists; Karen Clark Sheard in a musical drama, “Sex – The Silent Killer” for which she wrote three musical pieces and with Patti LaBelle in “The Heavenly Bound Train”.  Her acting credits include rave reviews for unforgettable community theater portrayals as Effie White in Dream Girls; Bitsy in the McLaren Festival presentation of “Midville Community Theatre”; Bessie Delany in “Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters’ First 100 Years”, “Mahalia” in the play by the same name; and Lena Younger in the musical “Raisin” which she also directed.  In 2016 she created a one-woman stage performance “S.U.E. – Simply Unique Expressions”.  The play showcases her numerous talents in a biographical sketch about what has inspired her.


Whether she is teaching and training youth in the art of storytelling, sharing music with Seniors at the local Senior Center, serving as Minister of Music at her local church, heading the board of directors for the Midland Storytelling Festival or serving as a Chapter Representative for the West Texas Chapter of the GMWA – she is intent on giving it her all and her energy seems limitless.


This compelling artist continues to evolve.  During the pandemic she authored/released a children’s book, “Miss Annie From Way Down South”; released a single, “Mama You Mean Everything” featuring Maurice Griffin, and launched a bi-monthly webcast “Moments With Mama Sue”.  She broke new ground with her recording “Collaborations” teaming up with Grammy nominated producer Quadrius Salters and Sheriden Shanwi Williams.  The first single from the project entitled “He’s A Great God” was released in July, 2022.  Added to her accomplishments for 2022 is her role as Executive Producer for a four part docuseries filmed for Basin PBS entitled, “Midland: Our City, Our Stories” which tells the story of the community through the lens of the African American and Hispanic experience.  


What’s next for this versatile artist?  MORE…because clearly, this life is a journey for Sue Roseberry and she’s enjoying the trip!



Sue Roseberry (a.k.a. “Mama Sue”)  is a consummate artist and her gifts are truly inspiring and illuminating.  She is recognized

“I owe so much to the GMWA organization.  They supported and nurtured the gift that I have for songwriting.  The collaboration of people associated with music from start to finish is invaluable and I am forever indebted to them for what I have gained.”

"I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with Mama Sue Roseberry as a promoter, radio announcer and artist. What I love most about Mama Sue is her hustle to push the gospel of Jesus Christ, her kind heart for others and her powerful music ministry. There are not many people that are genuine like this woman of God.”   


                   Robert Earl Dean




"Mama Sue Roseberry is a woman of integrity whose ministry speaks for itself. Her selfless service to her church, family and career has propelled her to higher heights. She is a beacon of light that sparkles in the Gospel music industry. She gives us hope that Gospel is not lost or dead, but yet alive."


                   Phillip Carter

                   SOV Inc. President

                   Co-Founder IGAA

                   (Independent Gospel Artists Alliance)


“Sue Roseberry is a multi-talented gift to the world. She is a bright light for people in need of hope and encouragement." 


                    Larry W. Robinson

                   Chairman & CEO at Gospel Updates



"The ministry of Mama Sue is electrifying from singing, storytelling, and workshops. You will never be the same."


                   Dr. Patrick Bradley

                   Min. of Music – Westside Baptist Church (Lewisville, TX)

                   Music Director – Texas Mass Choir







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Sue offers compelling programs for a wide variety of venues and occasions, including:
    "Story Detectives" Grades K-3
    "Which Way Did That Character Trait Go??" Grades K-6
    "Creative Writing Workshop" Grades 3-6
    “Words That Pop” Grades 2-6
Seniors Groups
Business Meetings

Organizational Events

All Types of Celebrations

Her repertoire is as diverse as her talents and gifts. You can call on her for:
Workshop Classes and instruction on “Telling Your Stories” (Adult and Youth)

Fairy Tales with a “sister girl” attitude
Stories Promoting Self Esteem
Stories About Family and Friends
Stories About Lessons Learned
Sacred Stories
Poems and rhythmic tales
Diversity Training
Something worth singing about
School Days (All 2,160 of them – give or take a few)
Program Emcee
Singing telegrams and more...

Got something in mind other than what's listed above? No problem...Sue offers Special Programs for Special Events, custom designed and prepared just for you (advance notice required).



“Sue Roseberry—Storyteller Extraordinaire!  Sue’s unique and vibrant personality allows her to immediately charm her audience with a delightful story woven from a simple moment.  She immediately captures one’s attention with her striking eyes, gestures and smile, her passion, and her charisma.  Ms. Roseberry has a dramatic storytelling style and her giving and joyful spirit has led her to serve as a mentor and a teacher to numerous children and adults. To hear a story told by Sue Roseberry is truly a life event!”


                   Eileen Piwetz

                   Executive Director / Board Member

                   FMH Foundation


“Meeting Sue Roseberry is like basking in sunshine!  Her glow draws a person in.  She is intelligent, thoughtful, talented; and those characteristics are very noticeable in all she does.  Her gifted storytelling is mesmerizing.  She is wonderful and it is a joy to work with her. She is one of the most talented people I have ever met.”


Kathy Anderson

Board Member, Midland Storytelling Festival

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Moments with Mama Sue
Moments with Mama Sue
Jan 18, 2021, 6:30 PM CST
Facebook and YouTube


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