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Miss Annie From Way Down South

Take the rollicking ride with the unpredictable Miss Annie as she whips, turns and drives straight into your heart.  BONUS:  access to audio files with the story being sung by Mama Sue and a sing-along version come with each purchase.  Let the fun begin…


Magnificent God [CD]
Sue Roseberry has written and delivers inspirational, praise-provoking music that spreads the good news of the Gospel on Sunday and every day.


Don't Stop [DVD]

Mama Sue shares a story of uninhibited praise with us from the Friends Library and the joy that always comes from giving God your all is the inspirational result.

Sheet Music


I'm Blessed

Magnificent God


We Worship You Lord


Words Just Cannot Explain [CD]

The CD contains music for everyone and moves us to praise! She is joined by her daughters, CeCe and Joslyn as well as Russell White and Cersle Kenan for a unique blend of voices that is unforgettable. This is a true collector’s item.

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A Story Inside of Me [CD]

An original story-telling audio disc from Mama Sue.

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"Thoughts From The Heart" Perpetual Calendar

Mama Sue comes through with “Thoughts From The Heart”…a perpetual calendar filled with thoughts and quotes that are presented in that warm, common sense way that she has of expressing things. Now you can enjoy her every day of the year.

Words Just Cannot Explain

Lord We Praise You

Lord Speak To My Soul

This Is The Day

God Brought Me Through