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AS I WALK...comedian Martin Lawrence coined the phrase, “Get ta steppin’ “. His inference wasn’t associated with walking to become healthy, but every day when I wake up I certainly feel that drive to get my walk on. Why? Because it has become a habit.

Forming a habit, especially a good one, is easier said than done. Many things that are good for us are just not good to us and the inconvenience or difficulty combined with the time it takes to develop the pattern or routine of doing well often seems like a task that is just too great.

Here’s the three things that I do as I prepare to walk each day. First, I remind myself every day that I am worth it. Whatever time it takes, I am worth that. How many things have you put yourself on the back burner for in order to accomplish something for someone else? Secondly, I think about the time and track record that I’ve invested. I don’t want to break my streak. Lastly, I anticipate seeing something or experiencing something new on my journey that keeps me motivated and inspired. To date, God has not failed me in that category.

So keep going. Progress comes one step at a time. I have now made it to three miles a day. ME…talk about your modern-day miracles! Along the way, I took in the beauty of the sage bushes blooming and enjoying a beautiful bright sunny Sunday morning. Then amidst my plants by the front door, there was a little bell-shaped flower on a vine that I hadn’t witnessed before. That vine has been growing all spring and summer with just leaves and suddenly there was a flower; almost as if to say, “if you just keep at it long enough, something beautiful is bound to happen”. It’s possible, but you have to make up your mind to “get ta steppin’ “ and once you start, don’t stop…WALK ON!

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