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Updated: Dec 13, 2020

AS I WALK…it’s getting so much easier to move and I am so thankful for that. Each day that I am able to set foot inside or outside the house is a grand celebration to me. It is a consistent 3+ miles daily and that is a major accomplishment for me. While walking today I found a coin. I almost overlooked it because it was dull (probably because it was a little dirty and had been run over several times). It was a nickel, but the joy I felt when I discovered it was like it was a treasure of much greater worth. Not only did the coin have the phrase “In God We Trust”, but on the back it has E Pluribus Unum; a Latin phrase that means “From many, ONE”.

I thought it was so appropriate today to reflect on that phrase. We live in this world house, in this country, the United States of America. I believe there is the ability and strength within us to overcome all obstacles to be great. It begins by really seeing one another. Making it our resolve not to walk past or discount any person as insignificant or invaluable. Life circumstances may have caused them to lose a little of their shine and even run over them a time or two. But there is value in what each one of us has to add to the whole. Believe that today and by all means…WALK ON!

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