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AS I WALK...I consider myself to be a pretty observant individual, however walking has given me a perspective that I just didn’t have before. From the driver’s seat of my vehicle there was a limited amount of what I passed by every single day that I ever saw. Now here is the crazy statement of the day; I saw it, but I didn’t SEE it.

On my trek I noticed that in the area that is still being developed in my neighborhood they had already put in the curbs and some gutters to handle drainage. What I had never seen before were these barriers. They looked like fishnet stockings stuffed with straw. They were placed in the gutter to keep trash and other debris from filling it up. How long it will be in place I have no idea…maybe just until there are people living there who will hopefully keep the random “glunk” (a new word I created) from going in. There were bags filled with gravel to keep the barrier in place in the event of a West Texas windstorm which can come through and blow away everything that isn’t nailed down.

While it may have been given a glance when I was driving, it certainly never registered enough for me to really pay attention to it. How many times in life are we guilty of that?

Perhaps we are driving through life a little too fast to notice. Maybe we are preoccupied. Possibly we are just not seeing it because from where we sit it just isn’t something that warrants our attention.

My prayer was, “Lord help me to slow down and not move so swiftly through each day that I never pay attention to the things around me. Don’t let me be consumed with so much that my surroundings, my relationships and all the things that are close to me barely get a glance. And please don’t let me be someone, who because of where I am blessed to be in life, I have no interest in what is not on my level. Let me realize the importance of things that I may not have even considered important before – barriers that support how I live my life that I never paid attention to. Moreover make me a more observant person on a daily basis.”

I hope you are encouraged on your journey to really look at what is around you. Feel free to post and we can communicate about it and by all means...WALK ON!

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