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Updated: Dec 13, 2020

WE MADE IT to Friday. Whew!! And that friends is a major blessing. I hope you have a wonderful, restorative weekend. Enjoy a refreshing beverage out of a real glass; drink the coffee or tea from a china cup instead of the customary styrofoam or cardboard cup; enjoy a conversation with someone you have been long overdue to reconnect with; spend some moments in that favorite chair just listening to the amplified ticking of the clock when everything else is silent and feeling the rhythm of your heartbeat; use the good towels that you have been saving for company ('cause they won't be visiting for a minute due to the pandemic); call the oldest member of your family and reconnect with the joy of belonging; and go ahead and spray that favorite fragrance or cologne that you usually reserve for special occasions. Celebrate YOU and the wonderful gift of just being here to carry on. I love you!

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