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Updated: Dec 13, 2020

One of my favorite biblical characters is Joseph. He certainly had his share of problems. Amazingly enough, the trigger for much of the trouble he faced came because of unbridled love by his doting father who created friction between him and his brothers by showing an overwhelming amount of favoritism to Joseph. I’m sure his father never intended for the outcome to be resentment. He may have believed that the brothers loved Joseph as much as he did. Whatever the case, the sibling rivalry sprang up and it was no fault of Joseph’s. However, that problem was exacerbated by something that was in Joseph’s control…his mouth!

Joseph was a dreamer – a creative, if you will. Someone who had been given revelation about things that was beyond the scope, ability and understanding of others. When Joseph, clad in a garment that was a visual indication of his father’s favoritism, shared his dreams with his brothers, they were not at all thrilled. In his youthful zeal and ignorance, he ignored their body language and responses and didn’t keep quiet.

One can argue that the turn of events was necessary for the salvation of his family and all that transpired wouldn’t have happened if his brothers hadn’t been angry enough to sell him into slavery. Still, it is important to note that all things are not for disclosure as soon as we get the spiritual download. God has a set time. There are things that we may not need to share with just everyone immediately. Pay attention to the verbal and non-verbal indicators which will help you discern how what you’re sharing is being received.

We can all possibly remember times when what we said may have been more effective if it had been shared at a more opportune time. Maybe the circumstances weren’t just right and if we had waited it may have had better reception. Maybe it wasn’t for group consumption; rather it would have been more effective for one-to-one sharing.

The blessings and revelations that God gives us to share are important. It is equally important to know his timing for sharing it.

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