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Updated: Dec 13, 2020

AS I WALK...friends I had a couple of encounters this week that startled me. Those of you who know me best, know that I am scary; so I don't do critters. I was walking along minding my OWN business, praying and meditating as usual...when out of the corner of my eye I saw the creature in the picture. I believe I was running (possibly a full mental run and my legs and body were moving much slower), but however it transpired, I put some distance between me and IT!

Anyway, what I wanted to share from this experience was that as we walk through life, we have to remain alert and pay attention. You can have walked a certain way numerous times without incident and all of a sudden there will be something out of the ordinary that takes place that you have never seen or encountered before. We so often take for granted so many things and we think that every thing will manifest in the way that it routinely does. Can I tell you that you have to learn to expect the unexpected. I didn't have even a remote thought that I would see this critter on my journey. And not only did I see it once, but I saw it again on the next day! (Maybe it wasn't the same identical one, but it looked like a twin - I don't know.) Wait a minute. Do you mean to tell me that something crazy can happen more than one time? It doesn't seem fair, but life is like that sometimes.

When the unexpected happens, be ready to pivot and you do the unexpected. Change your route, make adjustments, do something different and by all means WALK ON!

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