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Updated: Dec 13, 2020

AS I WALK...I am learning so much about myself. Lord knows I am not super athletic or the type to want to frolic outdoors, but I am seeing that with consistent application of a plan you can overcome internal resistance, biased perceptions and even physical reluctance for things that you find difficult. Having made the overture to begin walking, I have had some FUN in the process and believe it or not, I actually look forward to it each day. Last week I shared a photo with you all of a humongous critter that I had never seen the likes of before. There was lots of fun and engagement about that. Since that time, I have made some adjustments. I changed my route after seeing the critter twice on consecutive days AND I added an accessory. A walking stick. (Check out the photo with my shadow self making it happen.)

The dual message in this is that I HAD THE STICK BEFORE I EVEN STARTED WALKING. I had purchased it well over a year ago and it was just sitting in the garage. It was already available to me before I needed it. I just needed to recognize my need of what was readily available to me. Initially I thought that the addition of the stick would be cumbersome to my hands-free approach to my daily walk. I had never actually tried walking with it, but I just "thought" it would be an inconvenience. After the close encounter with the critter, not only was I willing to get the stick, but I was SO GLAD to take it along with me.

While we move through the journey of life, please know that everything that you need has already been provided well in advance of your need for it. And the blessings of the Lord will not add sorrow or be an inconvenience. God is good like that. He is orderly and unlike us, he never gets things out of order. Nothing in creation came to be before provision of what would sustain it existed. Feel comforted as you face the day/challenges ahead to know that whatever you need is already available to just need to recognize it and by all means WALK ON!

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